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Monday, October 10, 2011

Vision Board- more perspective on life

Selfcare Emergency Meter: Pick Me Up/ Preparatory Measures
Time Commitment: 30 min- 1 hr/ 2 min.

My new roommate, Hannah, suggested this technique to me the other day.  It is truly wonderful!  A vision board allows you to hone in on a personal goal, make a collage out of images meaningful to that goal, and then have a tangible reminder of the goal's presence in your life.  It really helps to provide perspective when you might be bogged down by everyday-life stressors.

Procedure: Making the vision board is the Pick Me Up.  Looking at your vision board everyday is the Preparatory Measure.  Now, gather old magazines and other collage materials if you wish.  I actually used to create my collage on the computer.  I found out about Polyvore from my friend, Chelsea's, wonderful home DIY blog: (Check it out!).  Polyvore's original purpose is to form your own fashion spreads online, but with its plethora of little collage pictures, it works wonderfully for this vision board idea as well.  When creating your vision board, think of a long term (0r not so long term) goal.  My goal is to travel.  I want to get out of the country.  I want to learn about other cultures.  I want to have the opportunity to live abroad.  I collected digital pictures that really exemplified these wants for me.  Choose pictures that have a real "fit" to them.  Do they feel right to you?  Choose pictures that include steps of reaching your goal.  How will you make your goal come true?  Do you really want it to come true?  Note ideas of obstacles to your goal that come up in your mind.  Are they real obstacles? Can you research to find ways around them? All of these extra thoughts give your goal a foot in the door of reality.  It's the idea of being able to manifest what you want in your life, if you want to take the project that far.  When you finish with your vision board, look at it.  Look at it everyday.  Think about it.  Are you taking steps right now toward your goal?  Are you taking steps right now away from your goal?  Your vision board can really help to provide you with a burst of hope and excitement everyday.

Why this is wonderful: It attends to 2 senses: sight and touch.  Seeing your goal everyday helps to remind you of it, and motivate you toward it.  The texture of the vision board itself may not be too interesting, but being able to hold your goal in your hand is quite the empowering experience.  Your goal becomes within your reach, literally.  You are that much closer to it.  The vision board helps pull you out of the little annoyances of the day, and gives you a look at a bigger picture--your bigger picture.


  1. You might like pinterest as well.

  2. i have checked that out, i like it, but i like being able to overlap things and whatnot through polyvore